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Assistance and Guidance

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Assistance and Guidance

The purpose of assistance and guidance is to stir up the inmate's knowledge and ability, to regard him with esteem and to abide by the law as to be able to adapt to the normal life in the legal society when one day comes he returns to the society.

In combination with a series of activities of literature and recreation and the resource accumulated from mercy and religion, the inmates can beamended by chance and raised their knowledge and virtue.

There are some methods or types to cultivate and guide as the following:

Individual guidance
Judging from the individual's inquiry, understanding his/her behavior, the background of his/her family and society, this Center will teach him/her accordingly.

Collective education
A speech for collective counseling given by the people concerned and specialists and scholars, so that the conduct and virtue of these detainees can be amended.

Religious Cultivation and Guidance
According to the inmate’s religious belief, the personal or group of various religions is invited to this Center once a week at least to give a religious cultivation and guidance.

A variety of matches and games of balls, songs, and chess is held periodically in this Center, and the champions are awarded.

CollectiveEducation DayOfFamilies BallMatch
Collective education Day of families Ball match
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