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Who is the detainee and what is the capacity

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(一)This Center: Adult Criminal Defendants of the Procuratorate Office of

      Taiwan PingTung District Court and other kinds of prisoners.

(二)The Taiwan PingTung Probationary Center for the Youngsters:

      The youngster of the Protected Matters and the Youngster

      Defendants for the Criminal Cases of Taiwan PingTung

      District Center for the Youngsters.

(三)The Subordinated and the Units to be looked after:

(1)zhu tian division prison to accept criterion as follow:

The male:imprisonment is deficient a year.
The female:imprisonment is deficient a year and six month.
Combine accept:it is the first offense or recommit thatwas

    judgement below the five year imprisonment by Pingtung

    district court procuratorate command performance.

(2)The Subordinated Detained Station: The hoodlums and defendants to be reformed.

(3)The Subordinated clinic where addicts are treated and made to kick the habit:

    The addicts have to be treated and made to kick the habit.

(4)To take the side matters from the PingTung Executive & Operative Office.



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