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Offering greater convenience to the people and other reformed items

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In order to make the dependents of the detainees easy to apply for an interview,articles-sending, and inquiry about some matters concerned, this Center assigns an enthusiastic and experienced women clerk who is very familiar with the regulations and laws concerned at the service desk in the interview room and offers answers to any questions concerned.

This Center offers the facilities of no obstacles in the space, and assigns a supporting clerk to serve and guide the dependents of the elders and the disabled. A notice must be sent by letter of telephone to the dependents in time if the detainee is not permitted to be visited.


Interviewed in a long distance

Interviewing Interviewed in a long distance
To keep the environment Surroundings-protection
To keep the environment Surroundings-protection

This Center has organized a community service squad to clean the surroundings of the PingTung Sports Park, and to dredge the waterway and the ditches, to trim the trees and plants. By doing these, it is helpful to strengthening the relation among kinsfolks and neighbors, as well as to promotion of all the jobs in the community.

To promote the classification & quantity-decreasing of garbage, and to manage the reclamation of resources This Center has organized a surroundings-protection squad to promote the classification of garbage, and manage the reclamation of resources. From the reclamation, the detainees can form an ideal of treasure the resources and using the money. By means of the reclamation of resources, “a sum of money from the reclamation” has been set up. To take advantage of this accumulated money, those who live in this community in need and the family reported by the media are in need have been are being helped.

To make use of the waste materials and to create works of surrounding-protection The detainees are encouraged to make use of the waste materials to create works of surroundings-protection. In the mean time, they take part in the local welfare fair with their works. Fortunately, they have won much applause from the visitors in all circles of the society.

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